Susan Raglin aka "Anasuya" has been a dancer all her life. She originally became involved with Yoga due to injuries she sustained from dance. She is a certified L.M.U. Yoga Rx Therapist and has her 500 hr. certification from Yoga Alliance.

Anasuya specializes in vini Yoga , an adaptable and therapeutic style of Yoga. Using asanas, Physical poses, and pranayama, deep breathing techniques, to increase the body's intake of oxygen, increase circulation, as well as, release stress and tension. By developing strength and flexibility our bodies become strong and balanced. Vini Yoga is special because each pose can be adapted to suit each person's individual needs. It is great for those just getting into Yoga or exercise and for those who have injuries. It is challenging for those who have been working out for years because each individual is encouraged to work at there own pace.